About us

Tierra Products is a family owned company specializing in products for agriculture. For more than 40 years Tierra Products have developed, manufactured and researched clay mineral products and is in a leading position in it’s field. We offer a wide range of high quality product lines especially designed for each individual field – from disinfection and feed additives to mineral mixes that ensure great adsorption.

Our vision is to develop natural degradable products for agriculture. We aim to be a local but global supplier that offers a greener, safer and cheaper product from which business, livestock and environment can benefit

Our Products

Tierra Products specialize in custom-made clay and mineral mixes.
Clay and minerals have naturally beneficial qualities, and our specially developed products offer our customers an effective and eco-friendly choice.

Our products range from Hygiene Powders to Toxin Binders.
Tierra Products 
focus on reducing feed costs for farmers as well as increasing feed efficiency in order to improve feed intake and digestion, which ultimately will maximize farmers’ profits.


We remain at your full disposal if you should have any questions or inquiries about our products or company

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