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Nutrition & Feed additives in Poultry

Clay and minerals have naturally beneficial qualities, which will boost the performance in poultry production.

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Protection of Poultry production 

Poultry are highly susceptible and frequently exposed to all mycotoxin.

Tierra Products has developed a comprehensive product based solution, which is developed to reduce the impact of mycotoxin in poultry. Specially selected biologically active ingredients to bind, transform and degrade mycotoxin that poultry are most susceptible to in the digestive tract.

Many of the mycotoxin issues found in poultry are unique to this group of animals. The remediation of mycotoxin in poultry feed should be approached as a holistic strategy utilizing both binding and degradation technologies alongside a biotransformation capability to ensure rapid and effective deactivation.

This solution has been designed to remediate both polar toxins and non polarforms to minimize their passage into the animal system.

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